"I want every woman to feel beautiful and confident within themselves and express it through their style"


Melina Bagnato is not just another fashion boutique owner. Melina Bagnato is your best friend in style and confidence. When it comes to fashion, the two are mutually exclusive, and there is no-one else more qualified than Melina to open your eyes to the world of beauty that is YOU.


Director, Stylist, and Buyer, Melina’s true passion is empowering women through style. Seeing a woman accept, understand, and LOVE HER BODY AND SELF brings a sense of joy and fulfillment to Melina. The power of dressing for YOUR body is incredible. And, as a mum herself, Melina knows that your personal style is often last on the list. Let Melina guide you and create a style that is perfect for YOU.


Her vivacious personality, her gorgeous smile, and her ability to connect with you as a woman makes the styling journey so much easier. Melina’s no fluff approach to building women up - not just through personal styling - is something else. You walk away thinking, “Where has this woman been all my life?”


Finding your personal style has never been so easy. Melina supports you in finding your perfect style with advice about garment shapes and styles that are both age and budget appropriate, resulting in a confidence you have never experienced before. Style is confidence, and confidence is style. Melina loves feeling radiant, fabulous, confident when she steps out of the house each day, and wants her clients to experience that same euphoria with their own personal style. But that’s not all. Style Me Over is much more than finding your personal style. You can shop your style at StyleMeOver.com or in person at the Oakleigh boutique.


Wife (to Scott), mum (of three boys - Jordyn, Harvey, and Ethan), business owner (and let’s be honest, Style Me Over is her fourth baby), and daughter (of Dom Bagnato, Director of Dom Bagnato Menswear), Melina’s upbringing in a family who values and respects fashion and style is what shaped her her future in fashion. When pregnant with Harvey, some six years ago, Melina opened the online boutique, StyleMeOver.com. With the roaring success of the online boutique, Melina opened the bricks and mortar boutique in 2018 whilst pregnant with Ethan. As her fourth baby, Melina knows every facet of her business intimately. No stone is left unturned. Her many years of experience in the fashion industry - styling, designing, buying, merchandising, garment importation, and working with many magazines - has seen Melina rise to be the in demand stylist we know and love today.



“It is so important to understand your body shape and what best complements it. When you are well dressed, in styles that complement your figure, you feel amazing. I want this for every woman!” - Melina Bagnato