Lets get this started...

Lets get this started...

Posted by Melina Bagnato on 22nd Aug 2019


Hey Chicky babes!

I’m Melina – also known as Mel, Melmel, mum (and the list goes on!).

If you’re reading this, chances are you know me well enough by way of my Insta stories, both on my personal (@melinabagnato) and business (@stylemeover) pages. This blog is going to be an extension of all that I post online – and more.

Those nifty little tips and tricks I post all the time?

The makeup hacks and skin care tips?

The glam mama (and very non-mama *wink wink*) looks,

The real-talk and rawness behind being a woman/wife/mother/daughter/sister….

…It’s all here, baby!

I’m bringing something new to the table every week, in hopes that it will continue to unite and inspire all you beautiful women out there. I’m a big believer in women supporting and lifting each other up, and what better way to do this than create a community and safe space for us to learn more about ourselves and each other?

So come along with me on this journey of self-discovery, occasional craziness, fashion and a whole lotta self-love!

See you in the first post; next week. Heads up, shit’s about to get real.