Why should I care about my style?

Why should I care about my style?

Posted by Melina Bagnato on 16th Oct 2019

"Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself." —Oscar de la Renta

I really couldn’t put it better if I tried. While fashion can be fickle, shifting and turning with the tides of time, your style is a timeless expression of you. It’s the person you choose to show the world every day, and love it or hate it, it’s the lens through which the world chooses to see you. Of course, you can be fashionable while being stylish. On the flipside, blindly following what’s on trend could mean completely missing the mark on style. This is why it’s SO important to dress according to what suits you – your personality, body shape, colouring – and not what the world thinks might look good on you.

Caring about your style goes beyond just wanting to put your best foot forward. Personally, when I feel stylish, my confidence soars. Don’t get me wrong, there are a million factors that affect your confidence, inside and out, and the point of this post certainly isn’t to say that your style is wholly responsible in determining how you feel.

But how often have we felt like we’re in a slump and thrown on a pair of sweats and the old hoodie – only to feel worse? We’ve all been guilty of letting our emotions and headspace control how we dress. All this does, however, is perpetuate the vicious cycle of depressing dressing!

Here’s an idea – instead of letting your mood control your style, turn it into a weapon and store it in your arsenal of badassery. Try and use your style, truly USE IT, to take charge of your mojo and how you want to feel. Remember this: when we look good, we feel better!

The next time you’re in a style slump, I want you to think of three words that best describe how you want to feel, and dress accordingly. Strong, confident and happy? Throw on a hot pair of jeans and some sturdy boots. Calm, relaxed and comfortable? Try a cute jumper or cardigan, maybe a comfy skirt. You get the gist.

The key here is to dress according to how you want to feel, not how you want to look. If you’re always trying to look a certain way and disregard how you actually feel, you won’t often end up loving what you see in the mirror. If you go about it in reverse, though, and dress in a way that reflects how you want to feel, I guarantee you’ll have a winner every single time. And over time, part of that win will mean seeing your confidence grow and flourish.

While telling you to dress for your style and confidence is all well and good, I understand that it’s easier said than done. Well, stick with me bellas, as over the coming weeks I’ll be getting into the nitty gritty of dressing according to your body shape, exploring your colouring and undertones, layering, finding the perfect pair of jeans and more. Stay tuned..

Ciao for now,

Mel xx