Hi Chicky babes,

SMO PERKS are no longer available to earn or redeem as unfortunately the perks program was not integrating with our Returns system and unfortunately many ladies have not only received a refund on styles returned but were able to keep points that should of been returned and effectively costing the business which wasn't a mutual beneficial perks process.

*Please note that I was incorrect during my live where I mentioned to DM us about your perks as we don't have access to your remaining SMO points. As outlined in our FAQ'S we reserve the right to amend or conclude the SMO PERKS offering and please keep in mind that this is a REWARD not a form of payment or currency for shopping with us. 

In saying this, I am all about being generous and giving so much back to my community-  so I've decided that all pre existing clients prior to the announcement (today 8th June) that SMO perks are no longer available -  are now automatically apart of a VIP group that when you login into your SMO account you will notice you automatically have 10% discount applied off all JUST ARRIVED styles...which is wayyyyyy more than anyone would of received in a previous SMO PERKS voucher. This way we can look after you all at once and honour your points.

Hope this helps with any SMO PERKS points queries.

Stylish Love

Melina Bagnato xo